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BASTION - Releasing Today, September 30, 2022!

At Long Last...

Readers and Friends,

It is official!

The first trilogy of the ongoing Saga of the Freewilds has reached its conclusion with today's release of BASTION! It is now available in Paperback and Kindle eBook formats. Bastion is the conclusion of the first major story arc, but work is already underway for the next trilogy in the saga. Hardcovers will be available shortly. I am awaiting the arrival of a revised author proof to ensure the cover's quality because of a previous printing issue, so I would prefer to push the hardcover's release just to be safe.

I am also dropping the price of the Kindle versions of Stormsend, Vagabond, and to $2.99 for all of October, so you can get the whole trilogy for just $8.97 between now and Halloween! Of course, if you are a Kindle Unlimited member, you can read them all for free, as well :D Audiobook news: Peter Wicks has been keeping up an impressive pace on the Audiobook Edition of Vagabond. He believes that we should be able to comfortably release it by the end of October... so that's what I'm going with. Halloween is a great day for it, anyway. These books are packed with elements of horror and suspense, after all!

As always, thank you all!

Thank you, all!

Regards, Michael Paul Scott - Author TheFreewilds on Facebook

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Have you had a chance to read STORMSEND - Saga of the Freewilds, Book One, yet? If not, please consider picking up a copy for yourself! It is available now on in Paperback, Hardcover, and Kindle eBook formats!

The Audiobook Edition of STORMSEND is also now available! Narrated by Peter Wicks & Frankie Porter, you can buy this Audiobook on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes!

VAGABOND is the continuation of the adventures of disgraced former Detective Constable Lukarde Alfans as he makes his way south to the beleaguered coastal city of Westport in the forbidden region of the world known as the Freewilds. It was officially released on June 30th, 2022 and is available in Hardcover, Paperback, and Kindle eBook formats!

BASTION concludes the initial three-book story arc of the Saga. The city of Westport is in grave peril, and since his arrival in the Freewilds, Lukarde Alfans has dedicated himself to unraveling the mysteries of the insidious demon-worshipping cult at the heart of the chaos unfolding. It was officially released on September 30th, 2022 and is available in Paperback, and Kindle eBook formats!


Michael Paul Scott - Author

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