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Behind the Scenes

A Writer's Life

Current Work in Progress:

BASTION - Final Copy-Edits

Complete: Prologue, Chapters 1-8

Current Project: Chapter 9

Remaining: Chapters 9-13, Epilogue, An Excerpt, Afterword

Next: BASTION - PDF/ePub/Mobi Formatting, ARC, Paperback/Hardcover Proofs

Wants, Needs, and Goals:

Website Visitor Experience Improvement Project:

  • Character Profiles (see list on The Characters page), Maps (political, regional, etc),

  • Historical Timeline, Glossary of Terms, Explanation of the Realms (Arcadia, etc),

  • Cultures/Species Profiles, Reviews, Free Downloads

Renewed/Increased Social Media Presence:

  • Focus on building more of a following on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok

  • Learn how to effectively use these platforms to help market myself and my novels

  • Create promotional materials on all of the above, as well as Youtube (Peter/Frankie!)

Writing Sprints:

Writing Calendar

Writing Sprints Tracker

Writing Sprints Timer


Outline Plot for Books 4-6

Create and Maintain List of Newsletter/Blog Topics

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