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Character Art


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Custom 3D Model by Hero Forge
Awaiting Character Art from BihancGraphics
Character Profile
Weidrick Castille

The Basics

Name: Ser Weidrick Castille (a.k.a. Weidrick the Wise, the Emerald Knight of Viridia)

Gender: Male

Age: 58

Physical Description: Ser Weidrick's natural physique has been augmented by the blessings of the Divine Hyral when he attained Diocene Knighthood. When we first meet him, he stands 6 ft 7 in tall and weighs 210 pounds. He is in peak physical condition, despite his advanced age for a human. Weidrick's hair went white in his late 40's, as is common among male members of his family line, and he keeps a full, well-groomed moustache and beard. His eyes are naturally medium almond brown, but when he manifests his divine powers they glow piercing white from within their depths. 

Birthplace: Westport, the Freewilds

Ethnicity: Idrahli

(Author's note: Idrahli are roughly similar to those of Lower European/Mediterranean origin) ​​​

Species: Human

Occupation: Diocene Knight of the Emerald Order of Knighthood (also known as a Crusader, Avenging Knight, or Paladin in certain cultures). His official title of Emerald Knight distinguishes him as the living Champion of Hyral, speaking with the just authority Divine of Justice. Ser Weidrick's judgment is equal to one of the Three Kings of the Eminent Empire.

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