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Character Art


Roderick Castille-portrait.png
Custom 3D Model by Hero Forge
Awaiting Character Art from BihancGraphics
Character Profile
Roderick Castille

The Basics

Name: Ser Roderick Castille

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Physical Description: Roderick stands 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 185 pounds. He is broad at the shoulders and narrow around the waist, with a rather muscular physique. Unlike his brother, whose facial features favor their late mother, Roderick shares quite a bit of resemblance to their father, Baron Sandrick Castille. He has dark brown hair and a faint beard of black stubble shaping his rugged, square chin. 

Birthplace: The Castillands, in the heart of the Freewilds.

Ethnicity:  Idrahli


(Author's note: Idrahli are roughly similar to those of Lower European/Mediterranean origin) 

Species: Human

Occupation: Roderick volunteered to join the Eminent Legion as an infantryman, where he quickly rose to the rank of Shield Sergeant. His performance in Lionnae's annual Grand Melee earned him a place in the Emerald Order of Knighthood, where he serves with distinction as the partner of seasoned the seasoned Ilrasi Aelfish knight, Dame Petrana Rolendaere.

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