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Freewilds Gazette - Issue Two. Sunday February 13th, 2022

46 Days and Counting...

Readers and Friends,

This whole self-promotion thing... it really is a big departure for me.

Asking people to take a chance on me, to believe in my ideas, and to invest their time, energy, or money in something I created... none of that comes naturally to me. However, that is what it takes to succeed as an independent author.

When I set out to write a novel, it was a reaction to a stimulus. I was searching for some outlet to pour my efforts into. Something creative. A good friend recently reached out to me for the first time in ages, and he said: "I always knew one day you would be writing novels. You have such an awesome vision and it showed back in high school."

One of my favorite guilty-pleasure songs is Click Click Boom by Saliva. It has a lyric that speaks to the kind of a kid I was, growing up.

All those Saturdays when kids go out and play Yo, I was up in my room, I let the stereo blaze Wasn't faded, not jaded, just a kid With a pad and a pen and a big imagination

In part as a consequence of having moved around so much as a younger kid, I had a difficult time setting roots, making friends, and deciding who Michael Paul Scott was supposed to even be, most of the time. I spent a lot of nice, sunny days hiding from all those healthy pursuits a lot of other kids my age thrived upon. I drew a lot. I read.

I wrote.

Nothing amounted to much, and I rarely let anyone read the small tales I had to tell, but that was a consequence of a lack of self confidence. I was stifled by my innate, insular nature. Not precisely a recluse, and not exactly an introvert, I always seemed to get along well whenever the occasion arose where I had to engage in larger social groups... but never comfortably.

There were kids I was friendly with, but far rarer were 'friends.'

So who would I have shared my stories with, anyway? And who would care to read them? Fear of rejection or, worse, of learning that I was not quite as talented as I hoped I might be, led me to finish a tale, read it back to myself, crumble the paper and toss it in the trash more times than I care to admit to myself.

I should have done this a long, long time ago, readers and friends. It took the lowest of my days to shine a light upon these latent dreams... to awaken the writer within.

Better late than never.

Regards, Michael Paul Scott - Author TheFreewilds on Facebook

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Recommended Reading

(February 13th through February 26th)

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And she needs to solve the case of the missing bullet before her client gets sentenced to death row.


Detective Angelina Lagarde is determined.

She’s been recently transferred to the Detroit Police Department, and she wants nothing more than to make a difference…in her community, and in her own life. Plagued by the memories of a mysterious tragedy that left her family dead, she’s ready to take on whatever the department throws her way.

But Angelina soon discovers that something terrifying is afoot. There’s a new case, one that looks eerily similar to the events surrounding the deaths of her family members. And though she’s chilled to the bone, she decides that she must get to the bottom of the case. Much to the surprise (and distaste) of her peers, she takes on the case.

As Angelina works hard to uncover the truth, she finds that there are far more secrets in her midst…and that some truths are more horrifying than she ever expected…

Will Detective Lagarde uncover the truth before it’s too late? Or will she be burned by the evil that lurks behind her? Find out in the captivating, spine-tingling crime thriller, “Inferno”.


Reina and Ricardo have a relationship that’s as close to perfect as one can get.

Coming home after a romantic honeymoon, they’re ready to settle down and begin their life together. But when Reina literally bumps into someone from her past, their future turns into a thing of uncertainty, and her life begins to unravel. Things are no longer as they seem when this dangerous stranger embeds himself into their lives. Will this vampire and his bride survive a wizard bound and determined to recreate his obedient mate from a past life? Or will they show him that sometimes the past is best left buried?

Part of the Underlayes series, but can be read as a standalone.


Rowan Staeffler's "Sword of Deception"

To save a kingdom, she must befriend an enemy.

A thrilling dark fantasy novel.

Three years ago, rogue council member Celeana Maar massacred all the students at the Witches Academy and left Ellemar Vancel for dead. Now, still haunted by that day, Ellemar seeks to track Celeana down and settle the score.

But her mission is nearly halted before it even begins because the Council of Witches prohibits members from killing, even if justified. Given the gravity of Celeana's crime, the Council bends this rule and approves Ellemar's mission.

Searching for Celeana takes Ellemar to a royal ship, a Forgotten Forest, and a secret island. Along the journey, she begins hearing stories that suggest Celeana’s horrendous act may actually have been justified. Is Ellemar chasing the wrong enemy? Has the Council been harboring secrets from its members? Getting the answers right is critical.

The peace of the entire kingdom is at stake.

Michael Paul Scott - Author

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