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Freewilds Gazette - Issue One. Sunday February 6th, 2022

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

56 Days and Counting...

Readers and Friends,

It is a truly exciting time to be me!

In less than two months, now, I will be publishing the first of a series of a planned ten books in the dark fantasy detective mystery series: Saga of the Freewilds.

STORMSEND is about a haunted man's harrowing journey, undertaken in the fleeting hope of his eventual redemption and a new beginning. In many ways, the tale is allegorical to my own, personal journey. I began writing with zeal and purpose as a form of catharsis... to rid myself of long-festering, self-destructive inner burdens. I, like Lukarde Alfans, was haunted by the shifting menagerie of regret and lament, and like the good detective constable, I was willing to brave the stormy waters and fight for that dim flicker of hope on far horizons.

In September of 2021, I published what I have come to view as this story's paradigm... its precursor, filled with promise and potential, but not yet distilled into its ideal form. Freewilds - The Cult & the Constable was very well received, but the tale's success was hindered. The size of the book was a barrier to its success, and thus an evolution of both the work and its author was necessary.

Unwilling to accept defeat, nor to let the story of Lukarde Alfans and the forbidden Freewilds die upon its vine, I undertook the next leg of my own journey... and the Saga of the Freewilds was the result. STORMSEND represents the first act of the original novel from which it spawned and blossomed. It is a greatly expanded, expounded, and improved piece, and I feel that I have also improved and grown as a novelist as a result of this experience.

Perhaps, then, readers and friends, you can see why this is such an exciting time for yours truly!

Regards, Michael Paul Scott - Author TheFreewilds on Facebook

This is the first of a new series of newsletters that I will be providing both as an e-mail to readers who subscribe and as posts to the blog on my website:


Intrigued by the idea of a detective mystery that takes place in an original dark fantasy world, infused with elements of suspense and horror?

If so, you're in luck!

I just so happen to have a story, written by yours truly, that ticks all of those boxes!

Follow the link below for a free Special Preview Edition of my upcoming novel, STORMSEND - Saga of the Freewilds, Book One.

You can download it now in PDF, ePub, & MOBI formats. This exclusive free offer includes the Prologue, as well as Chapters One and Two.

...and if you like what you've read and decide you'd like to read the rest, and wouldn't mind giving me an honest (and fingers crossed, positive) review between now and the official launch date of March 31, 2022 you can sign up to be an Advanced Review Copy reader and get the whole book for free, just for your promise to provide me an honest review before the deadline!


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Michael Paul Scott - Author

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