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Freewilds Gazette - Issue Fourteen. Monday, August 1st, 2022


Readers and Friends,

I've been considering ways to enhance and improve my messaging, lately. I feel genuinely proud of my books, and though I haven't gotten many reviews, they have all been very positive, constructive, and encouraging. But I won't sugar coat it... my books aren't selling very well.

If quality isn't the issue, which I am being assured by multiple sources not to be the case, then something else needs to change. I had a publicist for a while, but he kind of stopped returning my messages and dropped off the map for me (after, of course, I paid for his services in advance, but that's water under the bridge). He seemed like a really great guy, and he had a lot of stuff going on in his life, both personally and professionally. I can relate, thus I can empathize. However, this has left me with practically no plan when it comes to representing my books with appropriate, effective marketing strategies.

So, basically... uncle. I am saying uncle.

My books deserve to be read, and to get them in front of as many interested readers as possible, I need to do a whole heck of a lot more than I have been to generate interest and get the word out. I've begun to put feelers out to enlist/hire on the kind of help I need.

In the meantime, rather than descending into depression and feeling miserable about what I can't do... like I normally would when feeling this discouraged... I am instead going to focus on what I can do to, hopefully, help things along.

I have been commissioning character art for some of the characters from the novels. I've also dusted off the ol' pen tablet and began to draw a few things, myself. These will be used to create detailed character profiles for every major (and many seemingly incidental) characters in the Saga of the Freewilds series.

In addition, I have been working on other world-building aspects, like full-color maps, a detailed historical timeline, and a wiki-like series of articles to expand the lore and enhance the reading experience for those who have already purchased my novels, as well as anyone considering doing so.

I will be releasing a lot of new content for free on my website, and some things (like the short stories I have been writing for quite some time, now) will be made available to for free to my beloved Freewilds Gazette subscribers, exclusively!

Here are a few examples of what I have in mind:

A Fully Detailed Exploration of the World's

Also: FREE Short Stories and Other Content!

(Including Exclusive Content Just for Freewilds Gazette Subscribers Like You!)

I am always eager to hear feedback and receive advice, so anyone out there interested in lending me a few ideas, send them my way! If I employ a new strategy based on your feedback and it leads to new sales, I will certainly give credit where it is due!

Finally, beginning with this issue of the Freewilds Gazette, I am going to include a seasonal Author Highlight focusing on a series of novels and a specific author whose work I enjoy and admire. This issue's subject: Karina Kantas, the author of a spectacular young-adult paranormal romance novel series: Illusional Reality.

Check it out, below, and look for a lot of the above-mentioned content to begin to make their debuts over the next few months, leading up to the release of BASTION - Saga of the Freewilds, Book Three on September 30th!

VAGABOND - Official Book Trailer

Thank you, all!

Regards, Michael Paul Scott - Author TheFreewilds on Facebook

This is part of a series of newsletters that I will be providing both as an e-mail to readers who subscribe and as posts to the blog on my website:


Have you had a chance to read STORMSEND - Saga of the Freewilds, Book One, yet? If not, please consider picking up a copy for yourself! It is available now on in Paperback, Hardcover, and Kindle eBook formats!

The Audiobook Edition of STORMSEND is also now available! Narrated by Peter Wicks & Frankie Porter, you can buy this Audiobook on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes!

VAGABOND is the continuation of the adventures of disgraced former Detective Constable Lukarde Alfans as he makes his way south to the beleaguered coastal city of Westport in the forbidden region of the world known as the Freewilds. It was officially released on June 30th, 2022 and is available in Hardcover, Paperback, and Kindle eBook formats!

The Special Preview Edition of BASTION - Saga of the Freewilds, Book Three. This e-book, available in ePub, Mobi, and PDF formats, includes the Prologue and Chapters 1 & 2 from the novel. Bastion will be released on September 30th, 2022!


SUMMER 2022 AUTHOR HIGHLIGHT KARINA KANTAS Author of the Young Adult Paranormal Romance Series: Illusional Reality

Illusional Reality is a thrilling two-part series that explores an intertwining between our own, real world and another, incredibly detailed and vivid fantasy realm, inviting readers to dive into these diverse settings and the wonderful characters that inhabit them.

Who are we, and who might we become if we let loose the shackles that bind us to our own reality?

The worldbuilding is inspirational, here. Karina Kantas has truly created something wonderful, here, and it all begins with book one of the series:

Illusional Reality

A modern young woman. A magical realm in danger. A destiny she refuses to embrace.

Becky Jones is as independent as they come, a marketing executive determined to succeed on her own terms.

But her career plan goes sideways when two men try to kill her – and her rescuer whisks her away to an enchanted realm. Her realm.

In Tsinia she is Thya, heir to the throne and gifted with magical abilities, destined to fulfill an ancient prophecy. Her people are kind and peaceful, desperate to forget the evil that looms over them. When she refuses a betrothal to an enemy prince to stop the oncoming war, her act of rebellion sparks old tensions and threatens the future of the kingdom.

As well as battling to save her kinsmen, she is battling with a power within her that is threatening to take over her body, mind, and soul. All while falling for one whose heart she can never have. Thya must find a balance between her needs and those of her people, but in order to do so, she must fight against destiny itself – and forge her own fate, no matter the cost.

Illusional Reality is the mesmerizing first book in the Illusional Reality fantasy duology. If you like strong female leads, captivating court politics, and a dash of forbidden romance, then you'll love Karina Kantas's enthralling fable.

Buy Illusional Reality today using the following links:

Illusional Reality - The Quest

When Haty notices a Tsinian crystal glowing, she knows she must stick to her word and return to her homeland as Thya.

Knowing her kinsmen needed her, there was no hesitation. Even though there was more to lose than just her life.

Once more a prophecy informs the reader of oracles that only Thya could stop the war and save not just her people, but the rest of Enumac from Kovon's psychotic plans.

Along with three other companions, Thya is sent on a perilous quest to locate a crystal eye which holds an evil known as the Dark Force.

The group are tried and tested throughout their journey by monsters, death and courage.

New friendships will be formed and other lost.

Thya's power becomes stronger and a second will threatens to take over her mind body and soul.

A terrifying surprise waits for them in the city of Helkon.

Will they survive?

Will Thya return to Tsinia and for the final showdown with Kovon?

Find out by reading the thrilling concluding part of Illusional Reality.

Buy Illusional Reality - The Quest today using the following links:


STORMSEND & VAGABOND are also featured in the following sale events:

AUGUST FANTASY Sales Promotion. Get these books fast! This promotion ends September 1st!

Douglas W.T Smith's TALE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS Sales Promotion. Get these books fast! This promotion ends September 1st!


Recommended Reading

THE COMPLETE SERIES COLLECTION Includes all 5 books in the Deep Fried Revenge Series.

Bacon, Bodyguards, and Ballistics is an absolutely gripping and hilarious whodunit with shocking twists and turns. From the author of Amazon #1 best-selling, Murder and Grits: The Savory Mystery Series, comes another fun, action-packed, and heart-warming cozy mystery with quirky and feisty female characters, perfect for fans of The Golden Girls, Miss Congeniality, and Murder She Wrote. Recipes included.

She’s a Chicago detective hiding in a seaside town with a lot to prove…and everything to lose.

Reeling with excitement over the opening of a private investigation agency and her budding romance with the sheriff, Piper Sandstone can’t wait to launch her dream career and return to a somewhat normal life. But danger lurks on the horizon—the dirty cops back in Chicago still want her dead. They are ruthless and on the hunt; no price is too steep for her head. But Piper’s already in a predicament of prodigious proportions when an art heist at the Bancroft Estates leaves a bodyguard dead… and she and her crime-fighting gal pals are at the center of the crime scene. With more suspects than the hottie sheriff can shake a stick at, it's no surprise the Mayor has requested help from the new private eyes. Tangled in another mystery in Savory, Alabama, Piper is determined to solve the case with the help of her quirky senior sleuth friends dubbed the Dentures and Diamonds Crime Squad. These zany retirees traded in their female rock band glory to fight crime, but can they help Piper maintain her cover and catch the killer before she or another Savory resident winds up dead?

Read Bacon, Bodyguards, and Ballistics: The Complete Deep Fried Revenge Collection today and get ready to devour a deliciously fun and thrilling cozy mystery that is unputdownable! Recipes included.


Time is passing, and the goddess is getting impatient

When you hold the fate of the world in your hands, but you don't know it yet, don't be surprised when the goddess intervenes.

Three thousand years ago the goddess Leyandrii banished all magic from the world of Remargaren to protect her people from the wild magic of the Ascendants. But, unnoticed, the world is changing. Her veil of protection is weakening and magic is seeping back in. Leyandrii is watching, she is determined her sacrifice will not have been in vain, and she has found just the person to help her. The world is much larger than the Watch Jerrol grew up in, and he has choices and opportunities he never dreamed of. His simple life is about to be overturned because Lady Leyandrii needs him and she is about to place his feet on her path, even if he is late. The Sentinals are stirring, but it will take Jerrol to wake them.

Only he doesn't know that yet.


Summoning A Demon Always Comes At A Cost...

But what could be worth such a high price?

She’s known as Blaze. The deadliest vampire out there.

Delve into these tales of demonic gore and devilish delight to see if you think the price paid was worth what they gained. These short stories are not for the faint of heart. They will send a tingle up your spine and make you think twice before casting your lot with demonic forces.

Do you have the guts to sift through these tales?


Michael Paul Scott - Author

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