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Mountainous Nation

of the

Eminent Empire

Work in Progress

The northernmost nation of the expansive and influential Eminent Empire, Nohr is a largely mountainous territory where an ancient Duareph civilization once thrived. Comprising much of the continent's northern coastline, upon which crashes the icy Nohrwaters, Nohr is bordered in the east by the Steppes of Seine and in the west by Anzel, the Natio Praevalens of the Eminent Empire.

Much of the empire's mineral wealth derives from the long abandoned Duareph mines, the yields of which are dwindling year by year. The mines once opened into a natural network of interconnecting caves called the Veins of the Subterra, and it was through their exposure to some unknowable dangers that lurked deep beneath the surface of the world that the once prominent and glorious Duareph civilization met its doom.


One of the final, desperate acts of the now all-but-extinct Duarephs of Nohr was to collapse and seal away the vast majority of the most lucrative and productive mines. This effectively severs the current ruling empire's access to both the Subterra and the lost riches of Nohr.


The Flag of the Eminent Empire, established at the formation of the Chimeric Dynasty in the 919th Year of Eminence: A golden emblem depicting the Dragon, Lion, and Goat heads of the mythical Chimera over a field of emerald green with a descending chevron of purest black.

The Basics:

Demonym - Nohrlander

Capital - Highstakes

Area - 22,000 Square Leagues (198,000 Square Miles, or about the size of Spain)

Sapient Population - Human, Aurek, Neblin, Aelf, Lith, Duareph*, Other

Currency - Viridian Gildre, Duareph Gemtrade, Aurek Barter

Points of Interest - Felcross Wake, Mt. Kryphtorne, Casten, Osan, Faulconrae's Rest, Highstakes, Nurm Haka, Lac Oberhaal, Obermere, Aubercauld, Ramsreach, Burning Star

* Though their numbers have dwindled to unsustainable levels, there remains a lingering Duareph presence in the colony of Osan.

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