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Character Art


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Custom 3D Model by Hero Forge
Awaiting Character Art from BihancGraphics
Character Profile
The "Man in White"

The Basics

Name: Unknown

Gender: Unknown (believed to be Male)

Age: Unknown (described as an Adult Male Human)

Physical Description: Reports of the Man in White are varied, with many of the more vivid accounts coming from the children of the Favelas and the Saltdowns Home, so many of the descriptions are unreliable, at best. The common and more realistic traits, however, are that he is at least six feet, six inches tall, wears flowing white robes that shimmer and glow even in the dimmest of moonlit nights, and wears a gleaming, mirror-like black mask that covers the entirety of his face, with no holes for his eyes, nose, or mouth. He carries wooden staff of some kind, often depicted as curling and widening at its end. The stories also mention that he places those he abducts in large, dark sacks, dragging them off without a trace.

Birthplace: Unknown

Ethnicity: Unknown

Species: Unknown (presumably Human)

Occupation: The Man in White has been prowling the streets of Westport's favelas at night, of late, abducting the weakest and most defenseless (usually children).

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