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Author's Notes

Keralynea Cray is a far more complicated character than she might seem at first glance. She has lived in Westport for at least the past twenty years, but her history prior to her arrival in the Freewilds is a closely guarded secret. She has revealed that she was raised in Rumport, an island nation far to the north and west, upon the Stormsend Sea, but the hows and whys of her emigration to Westport are private matters she has not decided to share with anyone.

Kera is the romantic interest of the Saga's main character, Lukarde Alfans.

Character Profile
Keralynea Cray

The Basics

Name: Keralynea "Kera" Cray

Gender: Female

Age: 44

Physical Description: Standing 5' 9" tall and weighing 165 lbs, Kera Cray is a lovely, curvaceous woman in her mid forties. She has medium tan skin, long, wavy, dark auburn hair and jade green eyes. She works as a barmaid, and she dresses for the purpose of eliciting gratuities from visiting patrons. Kera carries herself with confidence and swagger, rising to the challenge of the oft raucous crowd of seafarers gathered in the Sculler's Din every night. However, she also moves with grace, purpose, and pride.

Birthplace: Rumport

Ethnicity: Seinish

(Author's note: Seinish folk are roughly similar to those of North-East Asian/Mongolian origin, with some similar cultural traits to the Romani people of our own world.) 

Species: Human

Occupation: Kera is a barmaid at the Sculler's Din. Prior to this, it is rumored that she may have had a more sordid, perhaps even criminal career. She befriended the wife of Clive Gaspard before she passed away, and ever since then she has taken a personal role in ensuring that Clive and his only son, Myles, are cared after.

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