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Character Art


Evon Azkhar-portrait (4).png
Custom 3D Model by Hero Forge
Awaiting Character Art from BihancGraphics
Character Profile
Evon Azkhar

The Basics

Name: Evonazkhar Kestrel (a.k.a. Evon Azkhar)

Gender: Male

Age: 181

Physical Description: Standing 5 feet even and weighing 90 pounds, Evon Azkhar obviously spends a lot of time concerning himself over his appearance. His clothing is expensive, designed and tailored by some of the most famous fashionistas in Q'uae Elfien. He has a narrow face with sharp, angular features, a meticulously groomed beard, and black lacquered fingernails. His Idrahli lineage is obvious from the lack of pupils in his bright, metallic green eyes. He lacks the natural glitter and opulence of a full-blooded Idrahli aelf, however, and his black hair lends him the appearance of having a mixed Idrahli-Quae heritage.

Birthplace: Unknown

Ethnicity: Half-Ilrasi, Half-Quae

Species: Aelf

Occupation: A contract killer by trade, Evon was sent to help organize the Coven of the Grotto by his benefactor, Gheland Morne, who is not only owns and operates the Morne Trading Company out of Rumport but is also one of the nine members of Elrick Castille's Cult of Ebon.

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