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Character Profile
Elrick Castille
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The Basics

Name: Elrick Castille

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Physical Description: Standing 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing about 160 pounds, Elrick is a rather slim and lanky young fellow with sharp facial features, short, back-swept dark brown hair and dazzling medium brown eyes. In keeping with his station as the future Baron of the Castillands, Elrick places a great deal of effort upon presenting an appropriate, aristocratic public image. He wears fine clothing made by prominent Viridian designers, devoting a lot more time to his appearance and grooming than his younger brother, Ser Roderick Castille. Though he is capable of being quite charming, even disarmingly so, most people who spend enough time with Elrick find him to be astoundingly arrogant and self-assured. His confidence is genuine, and it lends him a fearlessness that some find rather appealing.

Birthplace: The Castillands, in the heart of the Freewilds.

Ethnicity:  Idrahli


(Author's note: Idrahli are roughly similar to those of Lower European/Mediterranean origin) 

Species: Human

Occupation: In the public eye, Elrick is an aristocrat, a diplomatic envoy, and the heir of the Barony of the Castillands. Secretly, Elrick is also a powerful warlock and a founding member of the Cult of Ebon.

Story Notes:

First Appearance:           

Stormsend - Saga of the Freewilds, Book One

Chapter One - A Century of Sin

Greatest Strengths: 

Elrick is tenacious and bold, practically fearless while still remaining rather prudent and realistic. He is exceptionally confident in his own abilities, but recognizes that there are always going to be elements that cannot be anticipated or lie beyond his control, which is simultaneously a source of great frustration and a grounding element to his personality. He is a gifted magician in his own right, having taught himself to weave spells before he formed a pact with the greater demon called the Ebon Fang. He is also a highly talented artist and an effective strategist.

Greatest Weaknesses:     

Arrogant, Impatient, and Immoral. Inflated sense of self-importance and self-entitlement. Tainted Soul (due to a pact Elrick formed with a powerful Infernal entity known as the Ebon Fang)

Notable Allies:             

The Black Lion (aka The Ebon Fang), the Ymp, Roark Wyndham, The Cult of Ebon

Notable Enemies:           

Lukarde Alfans, Ser Roderick Castille, Ser Weidrick Castille, Vilheim Damias

Literary Influences:         

Professor Moriarty (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), Ramsay Bolton (George R.R. Martin), Norman Bates (Alfred Hitchcock), Kilgrave, the Purple Man (Marvel Comics), Boyd Crowder (Elmore Leonard)


Real-World Influences:   

Tanner Buchanan (Actor)

Audiobook V.O.:             

Peter Wicks

A Quote:                       

No... no, this is... this is not possible! It’s you!” Elrick screamed, beside himself in a sudden and implacable rage. He clumsily climbed down from his horse and began to stalk through the dead, dry grasses, feeling them snap and crumbled beneath his feet. “It's you... it's always you! What do I have to do to wake from this continual nightmare and rid myself of this f***ing nuisance of a constable?”

- Bastion, Chapter Thirteen - Blade and Bone

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