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Author's Notes

Elantia Beauvais has a big role to play in the continuing Saga, but she only really makes her first sizeable contribution to the story in the prologue of the second book, Vagabond. 

She is not only a powerful witch and major member of the Cult of Ebon, but she is also a Nachtbeirn, also known as a Nightchild. More will be revealed about these enigmatic beings as the continuing story unfolds in future novels, but it would serve readers well to know that they are not at all what they seem at a glance, nor do they align entirely with the traditional fantasy species from which they are inspired... vampires.

Character Profile
Elantia Beauvais

The Basics

Name: Elantia Beauvais, Baroness of Ardentei

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown (Elantia appears to be in her late teens to early twenties)

Physical Description: Standing 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighing 118 pounds, Elantia Beauvais is a stunningly beautiful woman with statuesque features, radiant red hair, and a face that looks almost as if it was sculpted. She is voluptuous and elegant, with pale, porcelain-like skin and dark, smoky eyelids that heighten the brilliance of her garnet-red eyes. Lady Elantia often dresses in luxurious, lavish attire, wearing skin-hugging gowns that accentuate her exceptionally alluring physique.

Birthplace: Ardentei

Ethnicity: Unknown. Her skin tone hints at Nohrlander ancestry, but her eye color is more common to those with Muhari or Seinish origins.

Species: Nachtbeirn (aka Nightchild) (formerly: Human)

(Author's note: The Nachtbeirn are this world's rough equivalent to the traditional fantasy species, vampires.

Occupation: Baroness of the island city-state of Ardentei, Elantia Beauvais is also a powerful witch and one of the nine members of Elrick Castille's Cult of Ebon.

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