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Character Profile
Diena Goff
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The Basics

Name: Watcher Diena Roana Goff

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Physical Description: A tall, fit young woman, Diena stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs about 155 pounds. She performs strength and agility training regularly, as well as practicing various hand-to-hand combat styles, leaving her with a lean, rather muscular physique. She changes her personal appearance regularly, sometimes wearing her hair short, bleaching it blonde or dyeing it red, but most often she is seen in her Watcher's uniform armor with her shoulder-length naturally dark brown hair kept beneath a boiled leather pot helm. She has a natural pinkish skin tone that makes it seem like she has recently gotten too much sun, and she is self-conscious about the way the uniform's marigold colors clash with her complexion. She has bright green-gray eyes beneath darkened eyelids, and a slightly rounded face with slightly pouty lips that always seem to be smiling ever so slightly. 

Birthplace: Westport, the Freewilds

Ethnicity: Idrahli 

(Author's note: Idrahli are roughly similar to those of Lower European/Mediterranean origin) 

Species: Human

Occupation: Watcher of Westport

Story Notes:

First Appearance:           

STORMSEND - Saga of the Freewilds, Book One

Chapter Nine - The Doll

Greatest Strengths: 

Quite strong and agile, skillful in unarmed combat techniques, daring, determined, witty

Greatest Weaknesses:     

Self-conscious, Co-dependent, Resentful of those who do not favor her, Obsessed with the approval of others

Notable Allies:             

Myles Gaspard, Telan Gilles, Worren Radnor

Notable Enemies:           

The Coven of the Grotto, The Man in White, The face in the mirror

Real-World Influences:   

Ellie Bamber (Actress)

Audiobook V.O.:             

Frankie Porter

A Quote:                       

“I was born in one of those hovels, you insufferable snob!” Diena said through clenched teeth. “My parents didn’t pay taxes. Does that make me a lamprey in your eyes, then?” 

- Stormsend, Chapter 11: Authority