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Character Profile

The Basics

Name: Myles Gaspard

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Physical Description: Standing 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighing about 180 pounds, Myles is a handsome, well-built young man with rugged, yet youthful facial features.

Birthplace: Westport, the Freewilds

Ethnicity: Idrahli (with some distant Shidi lineage)

(Author's note: Idrahli are roughly similar to those of Lower European/Mediterranean origin. Shidi are very similar to our own world's Southeast Asian/Polynesian ethnicities) 

Species: Human

Occupation: Watcher of Westport

Author's Notes

Though Lukarde Alfans is the primary protagonist of the Saga, Myles Gaspard provides a crucial perspective on the state of affairs in Westport, where the majority of our story takes place. When we meet him, Myles has reached a breaking point beyond which he can no longer accept the conditions found in his home city.

A member of the Westport Watch, Myles is an  idealistic young man who chafes at the false authority of a senior Watcher named Worren Radnor. In pursuit of justice for the forgotten gentry of the city, Myles becomes a rebel amid the Watchers, making more than a few enemies along the way.

His best friend, fellow Watcher Telan Gilles, remains loyal to Myles despite how difficult the stubborn young man makes it for him. Indeed, Myles Gaspard's attitude often strains his relationships. He can be rather self-righteous, and even when people agree with his message, they don't always align with his methods. 

Also of note are the dreams that Myles has been tormented by, of late, for they have been both disturbing... and portentious.

Myles 3d-2d.gif
Custom 3D Model by Hero Forge
Awaiting Character Art from BihanGraphics
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