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Character Profile
Lukarde Alfans
Lukarde Alfans Character Profile Header.png

The Basics

Name: Lukarde Remonde Alfans

Gender: Male

Age: 46

Physical Description: 6 feet, 2 inches tall, and weighing just over 200 lbs, Lukarde was once quite fit and physically impressive, especially for a man well into his forties. His recent troubles have left him in a sorry physical state. He has been in exile and on the run for several months, leading him to neglect his overall health. His slightly curly dark auburn hair has begun to thin a bit and gray at his temples and wiry beard. His eyes are a deep almond brown and while most would still consider him quite handsome, few who knew the man Lukarde Alfans once was would recognize him, anymore.

Birthplace: Lac Ouesforte, Anzel

Ethnicity: Half Nohrlander (father), Half Muhari (mother) 

(Author's note: Nohrlanders are roughly similar to those of North-Eastern European/Scandinavian origin, and Muhari are akin to people of Northern-African/Arabic descent)

Species: Human (he may be at least partly Aurekish, as the men in his family tend to have unusually large hands and feet, which is an indicator of having Aurek blood lineage)

(Author's note: Aurek are to Aelves what Neanderthal were to Humans in our world. They are like the Orcs in other works of fantasy fiction, but with a more distinctive link to this world's version of Elves)

Occupation: Former Detective Constable in service to the gentry of Ollgarten, Borough of Viridia, Capital City of the Eminent Empire. Since he was framed for murder, he has been in exile and a fugitive from the law.

Story Notes:

First Appearance:           

STORMSEND - Saga of the Freewilds, Book One.

Chapter Two - The Thousand Hands

Greatest Strengths: 

Intuition, Deductive Reasoning. Patience. Eidetic Memory. Dedication. Valiant Without Hesitation.

Greatest Weaknesses:     

Prone to Depression and Alcoholism. Guilty Conscience. Obsessive. Anxiety and Insomnia (PTSD)

Notable Allies:             

Marielle Cley, Tymn, Dain Corlin, Ean, Cobbard Portier, Willum "Sawbones" Vandrake, Myles Gaspard, Keralynea Cray

Notable Enemies:           

Elrick Castille (the Cult of Ebon), Davan Grotagh, The Pallid Man, The Coven of the Grotto

Literary Influences:         

Sherlock Holmes (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), Colombo (Peter Falk), Jack Ryan (Tom Clancy), Harry Bosch (Michael Connelly), Philip Marlowe (Raymond Chandler), Dr. Richard Kimble (The Fugitive), Thomas Malone (H.P. Lovecraft)


Real-World Influences:   

Rufus Sewell (Actor)

Audiobook V.O.:             

Peter Wicks

A Quote:                       

“Conspiracy,” Lukarde grumbled, shaking his head as he stared into  the face of his corrupt former colleague. “There is certainly a conspiracy, Ed . . . and I am going to bring every last one of those treacherous butchers into the light of day. I swear . . . I will.” 

- Stormsend, Chapter 3: Buying Time

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