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Natio Praevalens

of the

Eminent Empire

Situated at the far western edge of the continent and spanning a distance of 260 leagues (about 900 miles) from the Muhari-Seinish border in the southeast to its furthest point in the northwest, beyond Viridia, Anzel is the nation from which Oberhaal Wyrmsong declared himself First King of a new and Eminent Empire nearly a thousand years ago. 


It is from Viridia, the capital city of both the nation of Anzel and the greater empire beyond, where the Three Kings of the empire's current ruling Chimeric Dynasty cast their gaze across the enormity of their expansive and influential domain.

The Basics:

The Flag of the Eminent Empire, established at the formation of the Chimeric Dynasty in the 919th Year of Eminence: A golden emblem depicting the Dragon, Lion, and Goat heads of the mythical Chimera over a field of emerald green with a descending chevron of purest black.

Demonym - Anzelites, Viridians (those who live within the city proper)

Capital - Viridia

Area - 18,000 Square Leagues (162,000 Square Miles, or about the size of California)

Sapient Population - Human, Aelf, Other

Currency - Viridian Gildre

Points of Interest -

Cities and Towns:

Viridia - (Work in Progress)

Londemere - (Work in Progress)

Sylverton - (Work in Progress)

Ilgost - (Work in Progress)

Greenmeadow - (Work in Progress)

Auld - (Work in Progress)

Sirensong - (Work in Progress)

Highcliffs - (Work in Progress)

Altervale - (Work in Progress)

Frauss Ferry - (Work in Progress)

Forts, Villages, and Other Settlements:

Ouesmere - (Work in Progress)

Etra's Stand - (Work in Progress)

Rinzlond - (Work in Progress)

Westmarch by Sea - (Work in Progress)

Almere - (Work in Progress)

Maidenvale - (Work in Progress)

Altervale - (Work in Progress)

Odlond - (Work in Progress)

Fort Triumph - (Work in Progress)

Sinkton - (Work in Progress)

Dunesedge - (Work in Progress)

Bodies of Water and Other Landmarks:

Dweomerlake - (Work in Progress)

Wyrm's Tear - (Work in Progress)

Bay of Kings - (Work in Progress)

Lac Ouesforte - (Work in Progress)

Lac Almor - (Work in Progress)

Siren's Bay - (Work in Progress)

Saltwash - (Work in Progress)

Wyrmscar River - (Work in Progress)

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